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What’s Trending in the Art World?

Andre ButzerIn an ever evolving world of expression and fresh input, the art world always has exciting news to report. Contemporary art is perpetually at the forefront of what’s trending. It speaks to the times, and with its organic voice it helps shape the times. It covers every subject; social strife and social celebrations, illness and poverty, politics, war, race, human rights and anything and everything in-between. It goes into the plumbing services of society with its measurement, assessment and definition of what contemporary artists are compelled to express.

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Five of My Personal Favorite Galleries

art galleriesV1When time is limited, knowing ahead which galleries to take-in when visiting from out of town calls for a little pre-planning. Of course, if you have a particular showing or artist in mind when traveling then your plans are ready made. There are so many beautiful and privately owned galleries that showcase local artists, and then there are the world’s renowned, must visit grand showplaces. Either way, your palette for diversity will be filled when you take in any of the following.

David B. Smith of Denver, Colorado
Starting with a recommendation close to home, the David B. Smith Gallery is a veritable solar power featuring regional talent alongside internationally recognized artists. It is a place renowned for cultivating a strong regional, national and international following of collectors.

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Johannes Stötter’s Living Art

Johannes Stotter fruitIn my last article I introduced a contemporary form of tattooing as an expression of body art that has hit the mainstream artist community. Today’s article addresses body painting, but from an entirely different view. This blog is not necessarily fixated on body art, but when an artist can appeal to people from all walks of life from bathroom renovations Burlington Ontario to Law firms in Las Vegas, the power in living art can now be more easily shared across vast networks of supporters. From beginning works to the outer realms of expression by such a unique interpretation as demonstrated by the work of Johannes Stötter, it merits further attention.

A true artist sees beauty and creativity everywhere. So it goes with the now famous artist Johannes Stötter’s living body of work. No doubt you have seen many of his undertakings on the internet, especially social media where most have gone viral. Stötter uses human bodies to paint and create his images of mind bending illusions. He sees the world unambiguously, and that is what places him and his work center stage with the rest of the fine art community.

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Street Art To Skin Art

Street ArtThe amazing art showing up on sidewalks, buildings and walls in every major city in the world is staggering. Three dimensional renditions of everything from the Grand Canyon to the Blue Hole, along with original conceptual illustrations have been chalked or painted on public surfaces, and are awe-inspiring.

Often times curious motorists will pull over to view the amazing art work on the city streets which can cause backups, delays and more roadside assistance calls then normally anticipated for a specific area. Although often unsanctioned by the public affairs departments, some creations bring worldwide attention to a city through their breathtaking displays. Artists who have received impressive accolades, travel by request from country to country to recreate their work.

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