About Oil Painting Sales

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How often do you see an eye catching work of art and do not recognize the artist’s name? Every time I go into a gallery, auction house, a private showing or even seeing works at festivals or fairs that I like, I am amazed that some artists are not more widely known. I am a lay person with an over-sized interest in art. I would be considered a follower in the sweeping scope of things, as the knowledge base is far more extensive than my personal reach, – but as my father would say “I know what I like”, and I’ve learned a few things along the way.

Not everyone can be an art connoisseur, but there are people with enough knowledge and enough of an artistic eye to know the difference between excellent and half rate art. Oil Painting Sales is about bridging the gap between the casual investor who primarily wants simply to enjoy a piece and someone who buys investment grade art for the potential profit.

At Oil Painting Sales I help uncover the richness from some of the nooks and crannies of the art scene. Those artists that may never be widely known, but deserve some recognition for their innovation, style and uniqueness will show up on the pages of Oil Painting Sales. In these series of articles I bring you the names of up-and-coming artists for you to keep an eye on. I bring you news from the art field of unusual artists, and where they are showing. I alert you to news that affects the worldwide art community as well as local happenings. I take you through some historical events that helped shape and determine what is viewed as valuable and why.

I will not be concentrating solely on works in oil, however, as I tend to stray from the original premise of the title of this site. There is just too much exciting and diverse art being produced from street graffiti to the classics. While the history and artistry are vast, nonetheless it would be painful to limit my conversations to just oils.

The articles on this site will be about:
Appraising and selling an investment grade painting
Featured Artists and Galleries
Reproductions and limited editions
Forgeries and how prevalent are they
How to liquidate an art asset

Thank you for joining me. I refer to my articles as conversations because I hope you will participate by sharing your knowledge in the comments below each page.