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What’s Trending in the Art World?

Andre ButzerIn an ever evolving world of expression and fresh input, the art world always has exciting news to report. Contemporary art is perpetually at the forefront of what’s trending. It speaks to the times, and with its organic voice it helps shape the times. It covers every subject; social strife and social celebrations, illness and poverty, politics, war, race, human rights and anything and everything in-between. It goes into the plumbing services of society with its measurement, assessment and definition of what contemporary artists are compelled to express.

Contemporary art sets trends in fashion, technology, mental constructs and even our future. Art forms are interpreted by the observer, but the message that lies deep in the psyche of the creator is ultimately at the core of every work. Abstract, figurative, conceptual, performance based, poetry or prose all have a space to occupy within the contemporary art scene. An accomplished artist can use any number of mediums to express his or her point of view and attain a desired result. To deliver their message artists will use, but not limit themselves to paint, clay, marble, charcoal, pastels, photography, newspaper clippings, junk, resin, ice, nature’s byproducts and the human body. The imagination knows no boundaries.

Contemporary art distinguishes itself by the melding of styles. Born in the 1960s when individualism in the name of the whole was the mantra of the day, it brought about an elucidation of the free spirit. Anything goes and it did and still does. Referred to as postmodern, defying the labels of the modern art genera, gives it the leeway to stand on its own. Cultures, social class, opposites as well as the reintroduction and combining of classic and traditional styles into an arena of commentary distinguishes the trend that contemporary/ postmodern art delivers.

For those who haven’t been keeping up let me name a few of the artists who should be on your watch list:

André Butzer
Berlin based André Butzer’s previous work was a conglomeration of color saturation and misdirection. It didn’t seem as if he knew what direction his message was headed, but then again how necessary is that, really?
Butzer’s latest contributions are simple, clean lines, black and white and undoubtedly to the point. If you prefer color used in subtle, elegant nuance, you will like his newest outing.

Eddie HaraEddie Hara
Let’s take a trip across the globe. Indonesian born Eddi Hara has resided in Switzerland since 1990 and has become internationally renowned for his influenced expressions. He takes his energetic style that fuses the character of European design, and merges it with his native Indonesian roots. His work will most likely make you smile as he uses colorful patterning and has a playfulness that is readily available to the observer.
He has become a visual mentor for other Indonesian artist like Ay Tjoe Christine and Jompet Kuswidananto.

Sara VanderbeekSara Vanderbeek
A photographer who sculpts purely for the sake of photographing her work, Vanderbeek brings a depth of light and texture through her photographs that otherwise would be subject to constant change. She stabilizes the images in a freeze frame of conveyance that specifically makes her artistic point. It’s easy to get lost in her images and find yourself unwilling to leave the minagery of design that so delightfully sucks you in.

Leave your comments below. Tell me about your favorite contemporary artists and I will highlight them in a future blog post.